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Dennis Fromin

If Dennis Fromin were to accidentally cut himself, he’d very likely bleed deli mustard! He’s a fourth-generation deli man who knows corned beef the way a jeweler knows a fine diamond. Although born in LA, Dennis’ family moved to Cleveland when he was an infant, and remained for nineteen years. While growing up, in order to visit his Dad who worked seven days a week at the family deli, he would “allow” Dennis to put on an apron and wash pots and pans and peel potatoes. That was Dennis’ start in the business. By age thirteen, Dennis was working behind the deli counter after school and on weekends, getting a real-world education that would serve him well the rest of his life. In the early 60’s, the family moved to California, where Dennis’s dad opened up a small deli in Encino. Dennis worked alongside him for many years until getting the entrepreneurial bug to run his own restaurant. In 1974, he opened Sports Deli in Century City which quickly became a favorite of locals and celebrities alike. A few years later, Dennis opened Fromin’s Restaurant in Santa Monica, followed shortly by Fromin’s Restaurant in Encino. All three of Dennis children worked in the Encino location. During the 80’s, Dennis opened up two additional delicatessens in Rancho Mirage and Simi Valley. But the stress of running five restaurants took its toll on Dennis’ health and he decided to sell off all of the locations except the Santa Monica restaurant. The Santa Monica location has been a landmark on Wilshire Boulevard for over thirty years. Running a deli may be Dennis’ livelihood, but his life is his beautiful family. Together with his wife Carlene, the Fromins enjoy time shared with their three children and four grandchildren.

We also offer Catering and special box lunches.

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